Fucked Up

Fucked Up Win The Polaris Music Prize

Fucked Up have won the fourth annual Polaris Music Prize for their album “The Chemistry of Common Life”. The band who were frisked everytime they would get into the Toronto Masonic Temple thought it was going to suck. Frontman Damian Abraham said: “We got here today and we got frisked on our way in, and every time we went back, we got frisked again.… So I was like: ‘Aww, this is going to suck, being frisked so much and not coming away with anything. But then I got a free iPod, and I was like: ‘Yeah!’ But this is better than an iPod!” Last year’s winner was Caribou, frontman Damian Abraham went on to say: “This, to me, is like the best moment, because for the longest time I really felt like we were outside the Canadian music scene,” he said. “Well, if we’re outside, we stole the biggest prize.” The $20,000 was going to be given to Canada’s aboriginal women, Abraham goes on to say about how the money will be used: “There were over 500 missing aboriginal women in Canada and we’re going to put out a benefit record to try to draw attention to it and raise some money for these people. It’s a marginalized group, it’s a racialized crime, it’s ignored. So we’re putting out a benefit Christmas record with some really funny guests and we’re gonna pay for it.” The band beat out acts like Chad VanGaalen, Malajube, Metric and K’Naan. Congratulations Fucked Up!

Fucked Up – No Epiphany [zshare]


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