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Leaked: Arctic Monkeys – Humbug

This is the Arctic Monkeys third album and shows how their style has changed since their style and direction has shifted since their debut all the way back in the year 2006. With the band never stopping the release of new material one way or another, with Alex Turner shifting his focus last year to release an album with Miles Kane under The Last Shadow Puppets. Some of the darker, slower tempo that was featured in The Last Shadow Puppets seems to have influenced this album more. The bands songs seem to be less guitar-driven in their sound and sound heavier than their previous releases. Fans of the Arctic Monkeys shouldn’t be too disappointed in their new sound, it doesn’t stray too far from their previous albums to alienate most of them. The new shift in sound is more of an evolution for a young band, who are still experimenting with different things at the moment. “Humbug” is out on August 28 via Domino. Below you can download one of the first songs premiered back in 2007 by Alex Turner.

Alex Turner – The Fire & Thud (Acoustic) [zshare]


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