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The Cribs Announce Details for Album with Johnny Marr

The Wakefield band who added former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr to the band have announced the details for their fourth album. The album comes as their first as a four-piece band with the addition of Johnny Marr last year. The band recently gave away the track ‘We Were Aborted’ from their official website for a limited time. The album is titled “Ignore the Ignorant” and will be released on September 7 in the UK. Bassist Gary Jarman told about recording their new album: “We were in LA quite a long time, we recorded our first album in a week, but we spent the best part of three months doing this album. We recorded everything live and we’d finish working around 1:00 or 2:00am when all the bars in LA were closed, so there was no reason to go out. It was sort of like a social experiment.” Gary Jarman talked to about the lead track ‘We Were Aborted’: “‘We Were Aborted’ is the first song that The Cribs ever wrote with Johnny, literally the first thing we did, just plugged in and this came straight out. I think that because of that it has retained a lot of urgency which is something we have always tried to maintain. That said, it’s not the track most representative of the new record by any means, I think it’s the one that most people will recognise as The Cribs opposed to some of the other tracks on the record though.” ‘Cheat on Me’ will be released as the first single from the album on August 31. A special edition of the album called the ‘Roses Edition’ will be avaiable in the cities of Yorkshire, Lancashire, and Portland. The tracklisting for the album is below and the cover is pictured above. You can download the opening track ‘We Were Aborted’ below.

The Cribs – We Wre Aborted Tracklisting:
01. We Were Aborted
02. Cheat on Me
03. We Share the Same Skies
04. City of Bugs
05. Hari Kari
06. Last Year’s Snow
07. Emasculate Me
08. Ignore the Ignorant
09. Save Your Secrets
10. Nothing
11. Victim of Mass Production
12. Stick to Yr Guns

The Cribs – We Were Aborted [zshare]


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