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Leaked: Dirty Projectors – Bitte Orca

This is Dirty Projector’s debut on their new label Domino, becoming the latest victims of the premature leaks of new albums, their album due out on June 9 has leaked three months in advance. It opens with a a fuzzy, twangy guitars which lead into Dave Longstreth’s unique vocal stylings on the opening track ‘Cannibal Resource’. ‘Temecula Sunrise’ includes tempo changes, and typical vocal harmonies, and a solo that seems to come out of nowhere. Some people are complaining about the new track ‘Stillness is the Move’, saying it sounds too pop and R&B, that it sounds nothing like the live version, I can see why this was chosen since it has the most potential for them to pickup some airplay on the radio. Amber Coffman takes lead vocals on the track. ‘Two Doves’ is a gentle, acoustic track that is sung by Angel Deradoorian, the track acts as a buffer between the sound of the next track, ‘Useful Chamber’ which is influenced more by electronic music with the beat but it still manages to sound like the Dirty Projectors, through the melismatic harmonies and Dave Longstreth’s yelping vocals, the track is the longest on the album and is the most experimental features many different changes in dynamic, different vocals stylings and some math-rockesque guitar solos. ‘No Intention’ features plenty of handclaps and a arpeggiated solo. The album closes with ‘Flourescent Half-Dome’ which is slower and features sparse guitar and a lot of strings. This is the album where the Dirty Projectors are showing more of their pop influences, it isn’t difficult to see that they still keep their original sound. You can by the new single ‘Stillness is the Move’ here.

Dirty Projectors – Remade Horizon (Live @ SXSW) [zshare]


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  1. Anonymous

    It’s April 9th, and the album comes out June 9th–that’s 2 months before release, not 3.

  2. Anonymous

    I hate record reviews.

  3. Dan

    fish in a barrel

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