Crystal Stilts

Crystal Stilts Record Daytrotter Session

Crystal Stilts have recorded a Daytrotter session and played two unreleased songs. The songs names are ‘Through the Floor’ and ‘Sycamore Tree’, they give explanations about the origins of the songs like ‘Sycamore Tree’: This song came together rather quickly for us as well… There’s definitely a Silver Apples/Bo Diddley/early Floyd/Q65 thing going on if I had to cite references – “graveyard dance music”. They also recorded two songs from their debut album. You can download the songs for free here. Crystal Stilts released a new single on March 31 called ‘Love Is A Wave’.

Crystal Stilts Daytrotter Session:
1. Through the Floor
2. Sycamore Tree
3. Shattered Shine
4. The Dazzle

Crystal Stilts – Spiral Transit [zshare]


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  1. McCrank

    Thanks for the note on the Crystal Stilts — what is the link to?Crystal Stilts – Spiral Transit [zshare] Thanks!McCrank

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