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Dirty Projectors Announce Details for Fifth Album

With 2007’s release of “Rise Above”, Dave Longstreth and co. established themselves as one of the most creative acts in indie rock. The album featured reworkings of Black Flag’s “Damaged” straight from Dave Longreth’s head. Now the band has signed to a new label, Domino and has managed to keep a steady line-up besides mastermind Dave Longstreth. The band has been working on two albums this year, one for their Domino debut and the other for their farewell from Dead Oceans. The info released has been for their Domino release which will be titled “Bitte Orca” and has a release date of June 9. It’s first single ‘Stillness Is the Move’ on 12″ vinyl and digital download. The band has increased its size to six by adding bassist Nat Baldwin and singer Haley Dekle. You can see the tracklisting for the album below.

Bitte Orca Tracklisting:
1. Cannibal Resource
2. Temecula Sunrise
3. The Bride
4. Stillness Is the Move
5. Two Doves
6. Useful Chamber
7. No Intention
8. Remade Horizon
9. Fluorescent Half Dome

Stillness Is the Move Single Tracklisting:
1. Stillness Is the Move (Album Version)
2. Stillness Is the Move (A Cappella Mix)
3. Stillness Is the Move (Lucky Dragons Remix)
4. Wave the Bloody Shirt
5. Bitte Bitte Orca

Dirty Projectors – Imagine It (Daytrotter Session) [zshare]

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