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Andrew Bird Releasing Fingerlings 4 Sometime in the Future, Grizzly Bear Get Remixed

Tuesday was a pretty slow news day there was barely anything to post and yesterday I was unable to post so I picked this up from various sources:

For those of you die-hard Andrew Bird fans that have been waiting for some confirmation of another title in the “Fingerlings” series, there has been an answer. I recently e-mailed his managament and found out that he will be making another album of early versions, demos, outtakes and live versions of songs from the time that “Noble Beast” was made. There is no release date and may not be released until next year or when he is done touring “Noble Beast” which may not be for a couple of years.

Andrew Bird – Spanish for Monsters [zshare]

Grizzly BearEd Droste of Grizzly Bear wrote in his twitter on Tuesday: “Just got a remix of “two weeks” back that is even better than I was hoping for! :D!!!”. After doing some research online it came out that French house producer Fred Falke had done the remix. Could ‘Two Weeks’ be the first single off “Veckatimest”? I sure hope so I have been getting anxious to hear a studio version since I heard the spectacular Letterman performance. To hear more about Fred Falke check out his myspace.

Grizzly Bear – Two Weeks [Live on Letterman] [zshare]
*Ruby Weapon – Two Weeks (Grizzly Bear Cover) [zshare]

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