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Leaked: The Beatles – Revolution 1 (Take 20)

This take starts with someone saying the what take it is then somebody saying “Take.. Take your knickers off!”. It really shows how the song may have been different and how ‘Revolution 9’ may have come to be. the beginning features elements from ‘Revolution 1’ but the ends with what may have become ‘Revolution 9’. Exactly what the source of this leak is I have no idea I happened to find it while surfing the internet. This is a mono mix, this may put pressure on Paul McCartney who has said he may possibly release the song ‘Carnival of Light’. It is amazing the quality in which the track happened to leak. You can download the song below.

The Beatles – Revolution 1 (Take 20) [zshare]

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  1. Anonymous

    out of bandwith?

  2. JP

    try the zshare link

  3. harleyblues

    Hiya JP~ well done I felt like posting about this yesterday… however I knew EMI would tear it down on youtube … so what was the point? hehehehahahah I wish I knew, of some way to post the file secretly without EMI coming down the ax with a slice, dice and chopp~ I could direct people here? but than again? I will post a message on my blog if you have suggestions post back on my blog~ thanx!!~ hb~

  4. harleyblues

    lol JPjust got your message see my latest blog post! Lmao! you sure u want me to link it?

  5. Anonymous

    I hope this track is genuine, but one thing that makes me think it isn’t is the fact that right as the guitar is kicking in at the beginning of the song (at 0:29 on the zshare track), someone says “Alright, take two.” While that isn’t conclusive evidence that the track is fake, it doesn’t make much sense to say “take two” when it’s really take twenty. Makes it seem like a collage put together by someone else.Also, while NME claims that the “knickers” quote at the beginning of the song is uttered by Lennon, I don’t think the voice sounds that much like him at all. Anyone else feel similarly?

  6. Anonymous

    Aahhh – it’s gone. Please repost! I was so silly not to download it earlier … (or mail me: sailer at

  7. harleyblues

    I did link you …Ta HB~

  8. JP

    Hey you guys can check the zshare link to see if it works if it doesn’t I won’t try to repost it because it is obvious EMI doesn’t want the song to get out.

  9. Anonymous

    This has also just appeared on YouTube: alternative mix of Revolution 9? Don’t know if it’s genuine, but it still feels like we’re being spoilt!

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