Leaked: Grizzly Bear feat. Feist – Service Bell

So far I’ve only done this feature for albums that have leaked not a track, but this is really weird. This is Grizzly Bear’s second track to be featured on the “Dark Was the Night” compilation. What is so strange about this is that the track would have eventually been put up on the myspace for the compilation to be streamed for a day. However it leaked I have no clue why. The track is 23 seconds longer than the original that appeared on Grizzly Bear’s debut “Horn of Plenty”. But it is still relatively short. ‘Service Bell’ originally feature just Ed Droste on guitar, the new version features more of the “Yellow House” multi-layered sound and did I mention it features Feist. Surprisingly this track like the previous re-recording of ‘Deep Blue Sea’ sounds more like a Department of Eagles track. You can listen to the track here.

Grizzly Bear – Merge [Dntel Remix]
Feist – That’s What I Say, It’s Not What I Mean


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