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Andy Samberg's The Lonely Island Announce Debut Album Details

Musical comedy trio The Lonely Island have annouced the details of their debut album. The band include SNL cast member Andy Samberg and SNL writers Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone. You may know the group for creating the songs in those SNL Digital Shorts like: ‘Lazy Sunday’, ‘Dick in a Box’, ‘Natalie’s Rap’ and the only one not included on the debut ‘Iran So Far’. The album is named “Incredibad” and will be released on February 10. It will be packaged as a CD/DVD. Collaborators on the album include Norah Jones, Strokes’ frontman Julian Casablancas, T-Pain, Justin Timberlake and more. The artwork for the album is above and the tracklisting is below. You can see some videos for some of the songs in the tracklisting at their Youtube channel here.

Incredibad Tracklisting:
01. Who Said We’re Wack?
02. Santana DVX [ft. E-40]
03. Jizz in My Pants
04. I’m on a Boat [ft. T-Pain]
05. Sax Man [ft. Jack Black]
06. Lazy Sunday [ft. Chris Parnell]
07. Normal Guy (Interlude)
08. Boombox [ft. Julian Casablancas]
09. Shrooms (Interlude)
10. Like a Boss
11. We Like Sportz
12. Dreamgirl [ft. Norah Jones]
13. Ras Trent
14. Dick in a Box [ft. Justin Timberlake]
15. The Old Saloon (Mix Tape Edit) (Interlude)
16. Punch You in the Jeans
17. Space Olympics
18. Natalie’s Rap [ft. Natalie Portman and Chris Parnell]
19. Incredibad

01. Jizz in My Pants
02. Just 2 Guyz
03. Lazy Sunday [ft. Chris Parnell]
04. Ras Trent
05. Dick in a Box [ft. Justin Timberlake]
06. We Like Sportz
07. Space Olympics
08. Bing Bong Brothers

The Lonely Island – Lazy Sunday [feat. Chris Parnell]


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