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Leaked: Animal Collective – Merriweather Post Pavilion

What a suprise this was on Christmas. This was unexpected as most leaks are; I expected to hear this next year on the proper date due to the Web Sheriff taking care of the leaks especially those by Grizzly Bear. Anyway with all that aside I think that this may be one of their best albums yet. Some of the new influences can be heard here on the new album. The haunting chants, the harmonies, the album does feature more of Animal Collective’ low end sound like Pitchfork said after attending the album’s listening party, a track where this is apparent is in ‘Also Frightened’ and ‘Taste’. So far on the first few listens the previously leaked track ‘Brothersport’ is still my favorite from the new album and does a great job of rounding out the album. Its just really catchy, just the opening lines with the ‘Open up your eyes’ line being so repetitive it just a track that you enjoy listening to over and over again. Until you can hear the album and wait for its proper release date you can listen to two of the songs, ‘Brothersport’ and ‘No More Runnnin” here at a concert recorded by NPR in 2007. You can download the live NPR version of ‘Brothersport’ below.

Animal Collective – Brothersport (Live on NPR) [zshare]

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