Omar Rodriguez-Lopez

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez To Release New Album

This is his fourth album released by The Mars Volta guitarist. The first album that will be release through Stones Throw. It is titled “Old Money”. The album hase been described as having “a familiar blend of Floydian ambience, Santana spirit-jamming, and French prog-rock aesthetics, all put to tape by Rodriguez-Lopez and a number of musicians that have contributed to the Mars Volta war cabinet in the past”. The album is also said to be the most accessible of all the albums he has released this year. It is out now on digital format. The tracklisting for the album is below.

Old Money Tracklisting:
01. The Power Of Myth
02. How To Bill The Bilderberg Group
03. Population Council’s Wet Dream
04. Private Fortunes
05. Trilateral Commission As Dinner Guests
06. 1921
07. Family War Funding
08. Vipers In The Bosom
09. I Like Rockefellers’ First Two Albums, But After That…
10. Old Money

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez – Rapid Fire Tollbooth [zshare]


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    This album is already available (digital only) exclusive @ stones throw

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