Gorillaz' Third Album 'Halfway Done'

In the interview yesterday where he discussed the possible Blur reunion with Graham Coxon, Damon Albarn said that he is halfway done with the new Gorillaz album. He said to BBC Newsbeat: “I’m halfway through the next Gorillaz album at the minute, That’s going to be interesting and different again. This next time around there will be a lot going on in it.” Now when he says that he is halfway done we don’t know if he means writing the album, finding samples, or with the search for a produce. It most likely means that he’s done with writing since it was less than two months ago when he annouced the release of a third Gorillaz album.
Jamie Hewlett has also talked about the art of Gorillaz. Since it is a virtual band Gorillaz relies heavily on the visual aspect. Jamie Hewlett has talked about reviving the characters, “They’ll be the same characters, but a little bit older and told in a different way.” Well of course they will look older, but what does told in a different way mean. I guess we will find out when more information is released.

Gorillaz – DARE (Dave Aude Club Mix)


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  1. Pinup Nights

    "well of course they will loo older" – why do you take it for granted that they will look older? because Hewlett is so creative I have no doubt that they will look older – but lots of other lesser guys involve din this woudl have just left them as they are. A bit of credit to Mr Hewlett where it's due!

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