Albert Hammond Jr.

Albert Hammond, Jr. Designs Suits and Will Open for Coldplay

After releasing a great solo album this year, Albert Hammond Jr. thought that it would be a great idea to co-design a line of designer suits with designer Ilaria Urbinati. The suits will be on sale at Ilaria Urbinati’s LA store Confederacy. Albert Hammond, Jr. said to New York Magazine about the line: They’re for the person who needs his one suit for a wedding, He’d rather get something like this than go to Men’s Wearhouse, pay the same amount, and look like an out-of-date parent. The whole goal is to make this line and see what it does and if we can just break even to make the next set then every time we’ll do it we’ll add one new design and then we’ll add a few different things to the old designs so it’ll constantly be growing, it’ll constantly change. It’s kind of like the way cars slowly evolve ever year, you think they look the same but you look back and they’ve slowly changed over time. Sometimes there’s certain things that happen in fashion but what I’m trying make is something that’s a little more classic to do I feel like 20 years from you could wear. It’s not going to be like some flared suit that you’d wear now and look like it was Halloween.” He will also be opening for Coldplay on their European tour. The dates for the tour are below.

Albert Hammond, Jr. Tour Dates with Coldplay:
09/01 Strasbourg, France – Zenith
09/02 Mannheim, Germany – SAP Arena
09/04 Lyon, France – Tony Garnier Hall
09/06 Barcelona, Spain – Palau St. Jordi
09/07 Madrid, Spain – Palcio des Deportes
09/09 Paris, France – Bercy
09/10 Paris, France – Bercy
09/12 Cologne, Germany – Koln Arena
09/14 Hamburg, Germany – Colorline Arena
09/15 Berlin, Germany – O2 World
09/17 Stockholm, Sweden – Globe Theatre
09/18 Stockholm, Sweden – Globe Theatre
09/19 Oslo, Norway – Spektrum
09/22 Prague, Czech Republic – O2 Arena
09/23 Budapest, Hungary – Budapest Arena
09/24 Vienna, Austria – Stadthalle
09/26 Munich, Germany – Olympiachalle
09/28 Zurich, Switzerland – Hallenstadion
09/29 Bologna, Italy – Palamagotti
09/30 Milan, Italy – Datchforum
10/02 Rotterdam, Netherlands – The Ahoy
10/03 Rotterdam, Netherlands – The Ahoy
10/04 Antwerp, Belgium – Sportpalais

Albert Hammond, Jr. – & So It Goes [zshare]


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