Review: Noisycrane – Limestone Walls & Frozen Falls

Earlier this year I blogged about Kentucky band Noisycrane, they intrigued me with their lo-fi folk sound. Current bands with a similar sound include Beirut. But they differ in that the Balkan sound isn’t trying to be replicated. The record features dreary blues sounding music as in the sound of ‘Blood Bleed Red’ with guitars that seem to build-up to an inevitable climax. Another way to explain the sound would be comparable to Neutral Milk Hotel. The songs let you feel what is behind them. In ‘E to A’ you can feel the sadness in the slow burning track. Songs I would recommend would be the trumpet driven ‘We Are’ and the melancholy ‘Rosea’ featuring Alison Goetz. Cody Swanson outsdoes himself in the group of collected gloomy brooding songs. You can stream the whole album in its entierity and buy it here. Visit Noisycrane on myspace here.

Noisycrane – Ghost Driver [zshare]

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