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Damon Albarn & Jamie Hewlett's Monkey To Be Released on XL

Damon Albarn’s album “Journey to the West” will be released this fall on XL Recordings. It is a joint collaboration with Jamie Hewlett who will provide visuals for the album. They will be releasing the album under the project’s name Monkey. It was performed by an assortment of European and Chinese musicians and singers and was produced by Albarn. The album is made up of 22 vocal and instrumental tracks. The album will be released in the usual formats and in a special box-set vinyl and artwork has been created by Vinyl Factory Ltd. The tracklisting for the album is below and you can download a track from Damon Albarn’s previous collaboration with Jamie Hewlett, Gorillaz.

Monkey: Journey to the West Tracklisting:
01. Monkey’s World
02. Monkey Travels
03. Into the Eastern Sea
04. The Living Sea
05. The Dragon King
06. Iron Rod
07. Out of the Eastern Sea
08. Heavenly Peach Banquet
09. Battle in Heaven
10. O Mi To Fu
11. Whisper
12. Tripitaka’s Curse
13. Confessions of a Pig
14. Sandy the River Demon
15. March of the Volunteers
16. The White Skeleton Demon
17. Monk’s Song
18. I Love Buddha
19. March of the Iron Army
20. Pigsy in Space
21. Monkey Bee
22. Disappearing Volcano

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