The Virgins

The Virgins Record A Daytrotter Session

New York City based band The Virgins recorded a Daytrotter session featuring some tracks from their 2007 self-titled EP “The Virgins”. They also recorded a track with Ra Ra Riot, the track is called ‘Va Va Virgins’. To download all of the tracks you can go here. The tracks played for the session are below.

The Virgins Daytrotter Session:
1. Rich Girls
2. Love Is Colder Than Death
3. One Week of Danger
4. Private Affair
5. Va Va Virgins

The Virgins – Tequila Alley [zshare]


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  1. maggee

    Wait so what’s the deal with Tequila Alley? It sounds just the same as Love Is Colder Than Death

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