Albert Hammond Jr.

Albert Hammond, Jr. Sophomore Album Details

Aside from his work as the Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond, Jr has been enjoying a nice solo career. He has now revealed the details of his second album. It will be titled “Como Te Llamma?”, which is a horrible translation of ‘What’s Your Name?’ in Spanish. He said of his new album: “I’m really proud of the power this record has. I feel like my melodies and song arrangements have matured. Lyrically, I tried to have the words flow out more freely and not try to write one song but many. I would just sing and sing and then arrange the words afterwards.” Along with his band Matt Romano, Marc Philippe Eskenazi and Josh Lattanzi, the album featured Sean Lennonon a piano on ‘Spooky Couch’ and a string quartet. The first single from the album will be ‘GfC’, which will be out before the album. He has a reggae-inspired track called ‘Miss Myrtle’, an Ameicana-influenced song called ‘Bargain Of A Century’ and an electro track called ‘Lisa’.

Como Te Llama? Tracklisting:
01. Bargain Of A Century’
02. In My Room
03. Lisa
04. GfC
05. The Boss Americana
06. Rocket
07. Victory At Monterey
08. You Won’t Be Fooled By This
09. Spooky Couch
10. Borrowed Time
11. G Up
12. Miss Myrtle
13. Feed Me Jack Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Peter Sellers

Albert Hammond – Everyone Gets A Star [zshare]


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