Broken Records

Broken Records

According to their press release Broken Records formed in December 2006 in Edinburgh, Scotland, by seven multi-instrumentalists. Using a range of instruments including guitars, bass, violin, cello, accordion, mandolin, piano, trumpet, glockenspiel and drums, they create a sound combining traditional European folk with modern Scottish alternative music. Some of their influences include: Nick Cave, Dirty Three, Bright Eyes, Jeff Buckley, Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Calexico, Bob Dylan, God Speed You Black Emperor, Neutral Milk Hotel, Yann Tiersen, Hawk and a Hacksaw, Sigur Ros, Johnny Cash, Arcade Fire, Beirut, Edith Piaf. The band has been compared to Arcade Fire, which is more in in the style of music than the content of it. The band has not material out yet but does have an EP that they sell through their myspace. Listen to their song ‘Slow Parade’ below. Check out their other songs on their myspace, Broken Records myspace.

Broken Records – Slow Parade [zshare]

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