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Damon AlbarnThere’s two pieces of news going aroud about Damon Albarn. The first is that he won’t join in the Blur reunion because the rest of the band hate him. He told The Sun “I had dinner with the guys recently and it was a laugh but there’s no way they want to work with me again – they all hate me. A reunion is not going to happen. The only reason people would do it is for the money – but I don’t need the money.” I don’t know why he feels they hate him and he also talk about how they are no longer solely dedicated to music, he said: “Alex is writing books and making cheese and Dave’s moving into politics. I’ve always said if you want to be a musician you have to dedicate yourself to it and do it every day.” This is a shame as I have seen that Alex James and Graham Coxon have been wanting to record another Blur album, I don’t know why he would say something likeLily Allen that. In the same article he said that the Good, the Bad & the Queen were done but I read a little while ago Tony Allen talk about working on a new album with Damon. The original article is no longer avaliable but there are quotes here.
There is also news that Damon tried to collaborate with Lily Allen on a track but the pair couldn’t find any connection with her. He told The Sun” “The record label thought it would be a good idea. She came down to my studio and she said normally she would just sit around and listen to a musician and come up with some ideas. I jumped on the piano and played some mad stuff and she just looked at me – it didn’t exactly go well”.

The Good, the Bad and the Queen – Polling Day [zshare]


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