Los Campesinos

Los Campesinos!

Across the Atlantic, Los Campesinos! have beern making some great music. They are a six piece band from Cardiff, Wales. There name in Spanish translates to farmers or peasants. They have gained some attention throught their energetic live shows and airplay on the BBC Radio 1 Wales. The band has relased three singles: first the Double A-Side We Throw Parties, You Throw Knives / Don’t Tell Me To Do the Maths, then You! Me! Dancing! and now their newest single that will be supported by a tour in the UK The International Tweexcore Underground. It’s a great song check it out. They have also released an Ep called Sticking Fingers Into Sockets. There full length LP is expected to be released next year.

Los Campesinos! – The International Tweexcore Underground [zshare]

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