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Graham Coxon: Remixer?

UPDATE: I posted the wrong remix for Idlewild’s ‘Rusty’ by Graham Coxon. I apologize for it if you downloaded it, I took the old link and put up new one.

After I got into Blur, I recently transitioned to listening to their guitarist Graham Coxon’s music. His voice isn’t as good as Damon Albarn’s but his guitar picks up for that. Since then I have collected his whole discography including three of remixes. He has remixed “Triple Trouble” by the Beastie Boys, “Beauty Dies Young” by Lowgold and “Rusty” by Idlewild. In Triple Trouble he reworks the beat with great results, in the Lowgold track he strips the keyboard, reworks the drum himself and increases the volume of the guitar, and in Rusty he adds more guitar and drums. Anyway here are the tracks along with the originals so that you can see how he changes the tracks. Enjoy.

Beastie Boys – Triple Trouble (Graham Coxon Remix) [zshare]
Beatie Boys – Triple Trouble (Original) [zshare]

Lowgold – Beauty Dies Young (Graham Coxon Remix) [zshare]
Lowgold – Beauty Dies Young (original) [zshare]

Idlewild – Rusty (Poor Soldier Remix) [zshare]
Idlewild – Rusty (Original) [zshare]


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