Blur Reunion

This is not really new news, but the reunion is likely to happen on 10/1/07 in a restaurant when all of the memebers of the band meet up for lunch. They will all be there, hopefully they can decide to go to terms with one another and record a new record. Damon albarn who has quiet about this whole things spoke out recently in the October issue of Q Magazine. (Pictures of the article can be seen here, Thanks to Gorillaz-Unofficial.) In the article he says he is not sure if it will work out and that he is not even sure if he wants to do it, but is waiting to go to the studio to find out. Hopefully Graham Coxon and Damon Albarn can work out their diffenrences and make good music.

Blur – Beetlebum [zshare]

Blur – You’re So Great [zshare]


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