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Kanye West's Graduation

Since the “album war” between 50 Cent and Kanye West started I’ve on Kanye Wests side. It started when I listened to “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” and then with “Stronger”. Kanye’s new album may not be his best work but it is still good. In Graduation he leaves behind some of his old ways like using strings and making skits, and replaced it with sampling Daft Punk and featuring Chris Martin on “Homecoming”. At the end of the day I think that his album is overall better than 50 Cent’s album “Curtis”. While I do think that with the tracks “I Get Money” and “AYO Technology” are good songs I think his album doesn’t have the overall feel that Kanye’s album has.

Kanye West – Good Life
Kanye West – Homecoming featuring Chris Martin
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